Recent Projects

Custom Bath

Every in your home reflects your soul

When undertaking a renovation, we do not recommend cookie cutter bathrooms. These are ordinary designs that do not reflect your taste; every space in your home has to be in accordance to your design taste. We design and build every bathroom according to your needs.

Custom kitchen

A kitchen is very much an extension of you.

When undertaking a renovation, the kitchen becomes the focal point of the project. We create a custom designs that reflects your taste, Let us coming and help create your dream kitchen with the affordable price.

Custom Bathroom

custom bathrooms require more time and work to design

you get full value for your money. Your bathroom is likely to last longer and require less maintenance over time.

Netlogix Construction Development

No matter what the change, we can transform your space into your ideal environment.

Netlogix Construction Development is a Florida Building contractor that gets the job done right. - Pre- Construction Management - Complete General Construction Services - Design Build Contracting -Tenant Improvement Services.